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American Pallet Industries Inc.  Strives on the quality and service we provide our customers. Let our 20 years of experience help keep your pallet cost down and give you the best quality pallet for your shipping needs. We use Viking machinery, the leader in pallet assembly equipment to produce a quality pallet every time.

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· Used (refurbished)

· Combo

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· Scrap Pallet Removal

· Same Day Delivery

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· Repair Program

· Banding

· Color Coding

·  Stenciling


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Richmond, Illinois

We have a 40,000  Used pallets in stock and plenty of resources for New or Combo pallets. Servicing Areas: Illinois, Wisconsin 


For all your pallet needs; Pricing, Scrap Pallet Removal, Heat Treating… One call to solve all your pallet needs. Phone -(815) 678-0680 or email - Office@americanpallet.net

Our new location

in Richmond, Illinois